Thursday, December 20, 2012

Duck and Cover Motherfuckers!

The Sky is Falling

Or not.

Depending upon where in the world you are, its December 21st, and we're still here. All of this 2012/Nibiru is typical new-age BS with minimal actual science involved. If this body was already in our ellipses, even if it was several weeks out of SRA, it would be readily viewable by over 90% percent of the worlds population during our day and night cycles. 

Certainly wouldn't be any hiding it at this point. So today, and in the coming months when nothing happens, will the individuals across the web and YouTube have the self-respect to remove their fear mongering garbage?

I have a feeling they'll just extend the predictions (most are making lots of money off this nonsense). Did I say December 21st, 2012? What I actually meant was sometime in 2013.

Oh man, this pseudoscience bullshit really pisses me off!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Zero Dark Thirty

Stop the Madness!

I originally saw Bigelow's Hurt Locker when I was deployed to Iraq in 2010. I hated it. It was absolute garbage from the get-go, especially from a EOD standpoint. It's a overtly obnoxious, ignorant, and inaccurate piece of Hollywood shlock that loves to continue the time honored Hollywood tradition of portraying members of the Armed Forces as psychopathic lunatics. In furtherance of Bigelowlife's impression of our men and women in uniform, we're punched in the face with comments like; "Going to war is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It could be fun." "I don't know man, they all look the same." Which of course references an Iraqi.

Hollywood's stereotyped depiction of unstable vets is in full swing here, with an increasingly reckless adrenaline junkie and his disregard for safety and communication SOP puts everyone around him in danger. When the men in the ranks display cold, casual racism, an American Colonel savagely orders that an Iraqi be left to bleed to death and a profoundly unprofessional protagonist, so demented by war he can no longer love his own son, repeatedly endangers himself and the men in his charge, I don't see "nuance" or "depth" or "complicated" characters.

Hollywood prefers cowardice over courage; witless whiners to motivated individuals; gutless wimps and hollow phonies to men who know the meaning of self-sacrifice and integrity. That’s the only conclusion one can draw after seeing Hollywood’s recent plethora of anti-military films.

So, where does that leave Zero Dark Thirty? Probably along the same lines as Hurt Locker. It'll be a highly political film with minimal attention to detail, overt dramatization of events, and a singular hatred for the U.S. Military, though it will be subtle. I may have to force myself to see it just to write a review. Though I'll likely have to get nice and liquored up to do it.