Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Bracelet

I've had a bracelet on my wrist for the better part of four years now (everyone in my old unit can attest to this). It's a hero bracelet. The kind stamped with a name, a service, and date of death. It's a black bracelet.

I never knew him. I bought it because a large portion of the proceeds go to Veterans Groups, and I liked that. I also bought it because people forget. They forget what we do. They forget the sacrifices we make. They forget we do this for the men to our left and right. I didn't want to forget.

Starring at it yesterday, I thought I'd do a bit of research. I know it's a bit belated given the date on the bracelet, but I thought it prudent nonetheless. This is what I found.

Semper Fidelis - You are not forgotten


  1. I like it. i like that you found this info. but its really fucking depressing.

    1. like mad depressing awesome that you found it though but i cant watch that video again

  2. Well done. Simple but artistic blog post.

  3. Jesus Bryan... Thats a terrible post. My eyes are all jacked up.

  4. Fuck man! I don't know how how feel about that. I'm crying right now and I haven't even watched the video. I was reading your story while listening to Mychael Danna's It's a Process. Shit made me break down.

    I don't agree with anything you guys do. I understand its the Commander in Chief who sends you guys over there, but you're in my thoughts.

    All of you. Come home and live a life.

  5. You need to figure out how to emplace Danna's "It's a Process" into the storyline of the post as stated by Anon. Made me wanna go out and investigate everything.

    Reargdless, its a good story. Honestly dude, thanks for sharing it.

  6. Shitty story vut thanks for haring

  7. Awesome dude! Thanks for sharing.


  8. Thats a great post brother.


  9. Thank you Route Clearance. I forwarded the link to this post to Bobby's family. It's amazing how Bobby continues to impact people after all these years.