Monday, October 29, 2012

Asskickery of the Week: GROM

 Polish GROM kill 20+ Taliban

The incident took place on the 26th of October. GROM Commandos on a combat patrol with the support of a air-assault unit separate from the Polish Task Force. After landing, the Poles were then attacked by numerically superior Taliban forces in a Complex Ambush.

The Taliban then surrounded the Poles. The exchange of fire lasted over three hours. During the battle, over 20 Taliban fighters were killed and 14 were wounded, among the dead was their commander. Two GROM Soldiers received minor wounds.

I don't know what it is about GROM. They're just fuckin' badasses. 

GROM Operators clearing a cave system in Afghanistan


  1. Yeah, GROM Operators are absolute bad-asses. Back in the day, the Polish Army drafted all men when they turned 18 if they didn't go to college, so the soldiers were essentially a joke, very few were there professionally. Now, they stopped the draft and all soldiers are there by choice, all are professionals. Only the best of the best of these make it to GROM. GROM has been known to train with the SEALS, Deltas, and a bunch of other SF units from around the world, all hold GROM in very high regard.

  2. I'm not 100%, and I apologise for the late posting, but I don't think that's a GROM operator in that cave. Poland has their own distinctive cammo pattern, and that ain't it. Poland issues the Tantal AK rifle, and does not issue EOTech CCO's. I am also fairly sure they would use local ear-pro, and not Peltors.

    While I didn't have extensive contact with the GROM boys at Al-Kut, they did invite me to dinner often after they saw my name tape :)

  3. for one it is polish pattern (looks like one I have; and oh yeah, and you can Google it) as for the rest of the gear GROM uses just about any weapon system and M4s are part of the toy chest ;)