Thursday, November 22, 2012

Fan Mail


I get around 300+ messages in my YouTube inbox a day. Most of them are associated with user comments and a few are PM's dealing with various subjects from the documentaries I've posted, to questions about the military or something related to ArmA. That said, this is one of the most off the wall messages I've ever received. It's some sort of tirade about the Marines, Obama, Google, 9/11, Stolen Valor, assassination attempts and a few others.

The rambling continues on and on and it is hard to determine what the fuck this is actually about. This is due to the horrendous spelling, syntax and proper paragraph formatting errors. Well that, and it appears this individual is a whack-job of Galactic proportions.


All lawful aid and protection
When i was last in the USMC, marines decided to find it fun to help Obama, make sure no one was going to be there to help me against organised crime, it was people like Obama who was getting contracts to people who wanted to try and murder me, getting help of George W Bush meant that, i was able to go to military School that gained me a superior role in the USMC,

Now in 2012, i am not able to get any assistance from the Marine Corps because Marines have a hate for citizens who make no effort to defend the USA, i understand this because it is citizens who create conspiracies to get innocent people murdered.

it was citizens who helped make sure life seemed normal so that when i complained to police or tried to get help , It would be easy to say, i can not prove who or how people attacked me, so they are not going to help.. This defied the passport note of the Australian and american passport note.

example, having a request almost like a right to all lawful aid and protection or every assistance and protection

this is something i am not able to get because people find it fun to help hijack my industry Google. Originally marines wanted to help because Citizens who hide in life creating conspiracies and attack towards American Citizens. took jobs to help cover up the hijacking and murders carried out to hijack google.

I am currently not even able to get all lawful aid and protection from the Consulates in Australia because people got the support of Obama to keep the jobs i got them fired from because they used there power of position to help make sure i did not get help against people who tried to get me murdered, and stranded in Australia. ..

In 1994 i used to make claimed to people that i got purple hearts and Congregationalist medals of honour, Obama even came to the Whitehouse to give me the Medals all though he was not needed to

people who wanted me to prove this attacked me, i asked if they thought they were smart enough to see how i can prove this at the age i was in 1994/1995. they all agreed if i could prove it they would help...

i showed them the passport note, told them my story

and i was able to prove what i claimed..

now in 2012, people do not want me to prove it because they were lead to forget about me, and now they possibly remember me, they feel guilty because in 1995 the people who attacked me got Obama help to make sure i did not get all lawful aid and protection or every assistance and protection, because the claims i had of protecting the twin towers was a bluff to stop people trying to get me murdered or trying to help organised crime hijack my industry google..
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