Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's Stolen and I Know It... Again

Another Fake SEAL for the Books

I didn't know SEAL's were morbidly obese! You learn something new everyday.

I'm getting a lot of these emails as of late after busting Curtis Lynn, a SF/ODA faker. You know, the ones where people contact me trying to vet a person who claims to be or have been a member of the U.S. Military or Special Operations Community. Luckily though, being in of the Armed Forces myself, I have routes to explore that civilians simply don't. And I know people, or people who know people... you get it.

I received an email from someone who was concerned that a member of his organization might be full of shit. This individual has been making outrageous claims, running his suck about his exploits, and generally violating OPSEC (if he had been the real deal).

Below is the initial email requesting I look into this guy and his claims. Click the images for the full resolution.

Below is the crew roster for the Alabama (SSBN-731) in which Patty Boy claims to have been the XO of at one time. No Patrick Gabbard to have ever served aboard that boat in either a enlisted or officer billet.

As you can plainly see, this individual with a face only a mother could love, is 110% full of shit. With the evidence in hand, I shot what I had at the time back to Eric. Did this ass-hat shut his fat trap and carry on? No, no he didn't. Patrick did however try to play the National Security card and began threatening Eric.

People like Patrick seem to think they're safe in the lie they've perpetrated, they don't realize that a vanguard of actual SEAL's exists looking for people making false claims. I happen to know a few. Two of those are Don Shipley and Scott (last name removed). They go out of their way to bust the fakers and post the results online for all to see. Check out Don Shipley's Phoney SEAL of the Week on his YouTube channel for more posers like Patrick.

Below is the response I received from Scott via Senior Chief Shipley and the UDT-SEAL Association
concerning Patrick Gabbard.

Below is the text of Don's email if the screenshot is hard to make out.

I love it when these assholes bring up the National Security thing and CIA covers... Tell that jerkoff to bring me up on charges... Don 

Sir, I greatly appreciate your interest in upholding the honor of the US Navy SEAL Teams, and your search for the TRUTH. Before answering your questions I must make clear that I am a private individual, not affiliated with the US Dept. of Defense or any other government organization. My efforts to expose SEAL imposters are performed as a service to the public, and in honor of my fallen SEAL Teammates… men who truly earned the right to the title “US NAVY SEAL” but who are no longer able to stand forward in defense of their honor, their reputations, and their TEAMs. 

If the name you provided is spelled correctly, I do NOT find a listing in the SEAL Database (SEAL Teams and predecessor units from 1943 to the Present Day) for anyone named PATRICK GABBARD. I have also examined possible alternate spellings, and names with similar pronunciations without finding any that appear to be applicable. 

Unless he has undertaken the unlikely action of a legal name change (an action for which there would be evidence in the form of court documentation) since his claimed participation in SEAL training, and based upon the information you have provided, I can state conclusively that PATRICK GABBARD has NEVER COMPLETED SEAL training, and he is not now, nor was he ever a Navy SEAL, a Navy UDT “Frogman”, a member of any Naval Combat Demolition Unit (NCDU), or a member of the Naval Amphibious Scouts & Raiders (S&R). 

Many SEAL imposters when confronted with the information I have provided will resort to claiming that their records are sealed, burned or their SEAL Operations were Classified and that there are no official records of them. Before any classified operations may be undertaken as a SEAL Operator, a man must first successfully complete the Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) Training program and then the follow-on secondary training program. 

The names of all those who successfully graduate from that training program sequence are compiled in the SEAL database. Later participation in classified operations has "no impact" on whether or not a person is listed as a graduate of the training program. 

There are records of every man who has qualified for the title of “SEAL”; there have been and will continue to be secret missions, but there are NO secret SEALs. 

For additional confirmation of my findings regarding Mr. PATRICK GABBARD 's lack of SEAL credentials you may contact the Public Affairs Office at the NAVAL SPECIAL WARFARE COMMAND in Coronado, California by telephoning (619) 537-1133. You may also contact the UDT-SEAL Association via email at, or by telephone at (757) 318-3764; while they are not formal/official representatives of the US Navy, they have been granted access to the SEAL Database in order to verify credentials of potential members. You may also consider contacting the Naval Special Warfare Archives by email at; that organization is responsible for creating the original SEAL Database and their extensive collection of documentation exceeds even that held by the US Navy. 

Thank you again for your concern in this matter, and for your assistance in upholding the honor of the US Navy SEAL Teams. If I can be of any further assistance to you in this matter, please contact me at your convenience. 
Respectfully, Don Shipley BUD/S 131, SEAL Team ONE, SEAL Team TWO. Owner

Isn't a SEAL. Never was a SEAL. And by the looks of him, never will be... Verifiable proof that Patrick Gabbard is a douche-canoe and lying scumbag.

UPDATE: Eric is currently being stonewalled and the evidence provided has been pushed aside. If they're willing to do to that even with the overwhelming material provided, I think Patrick "Down Syndrome" Gabbard is in good company with the rest of the human slime over there. As for Patrick, well, I wouldn't be surprised if he was paid a visit sometime in the near future.

I'd like to thank the following people for their help in this endeavor.

Don Shipley (Navy SEAL)
Scott (Navy SEAL)
The UDT-SEAL Association
Gordon (SF Contacts)
George (Capt. USMC)
Michael (Army CID)

End SEAL fakery and save Don Shipley before he drinks himself to death.

I don't know what it's called; I only know the sound it makes when it lies!


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  3. I wonder if that fatfuck ate a seal?

    1. That is probably what he actually meant. Ya know, I'm sure he is easily confused.

  4. I'm old enough to remember when a man was content to just be a fat shitbag.

  5. I see he threatened you from your comments over at TAH. He really is stupid. I have someone I have a question about at work, but have HF looking into it.

  6. Now that the FBI has come and whacked your pee pee for being a big meanie, can I have your interwebz? Or wait, did they even come as "Commander Flubber" promised they would?

  7. A couple of the area retirees know where he works. We intend on doing a full writeup on the guy and confronting him at work.

  8. Patrick now works at Rightway Fasheners. Columbus IN. 3rd shift. Still giving the same line of BS.

    1. We're getting ready to contact the employer.

    2. Thank you. He works through a temp agency called Employment Plus. He scares me. I believe stupid people are dangerous.

  9. What would it take to get Don Shipley to confront this man along with all the witnesses and show him what he is doing is wrong?

    1. You could attempt to contact him via his website and provide any pertinent information.

    2. Thank you, I'm going to try this and hope it works.

  10. This pretentious kid is still claiming to be a Navy SEAL, and exo of the Alabama. 12/10/2016